Cushie Pillows Premium High Quality Cotton Pillow Case 18” x 13” - White

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  • SOFT PILLOWCASE THAT WON’T LEAVE YOUR PILLOWS FEELING UNSUPPORTED: Cushie Pillows pillow case is a highly durable pillowcase that will have your microbead pillow thanking you; This ultra-soft pillow case is great for any size microbead pillow; It's small size makes this cover convenient and versatile for traveling
  • COVER OFFERS SANITARY BENEFITS FOR THERAPY OR TRAVEL: Cushie Pillow cases provide a sanitary environment when covering your pillow, great for the pillows that are non removable; Taking your Cushie Pillow to yoga, therapy or for everyday use is a must but coming home with messes on the pillow is not; These covers prevent your pillow from the germs that are all around keeping your pillow in pristine shape 
  • PEOPLE PREFER PREMIUM COTTON PILLOWS: Cushie Pillows are great for sitting up in bed to read or propping up your tablet, placing behind your back while driving, watching TV for better posture, putting between your knees while sleeping providing needed support while you rest or great props for yoga and Pilates classes; Cushie pillow cases help protect your pillow while performing day to day activities 
  • ULTRA STRONG, HIGH QUALITY AND 100% COTTON FOR LUXURY AND COMFORT: Cushie pillow cases provide everyday comfort on the go; This pillow case remains cool through the night and is easy to care for; wash separately first in warm water then tumble dry low on delicate cycle
  • CUSHIE PILLOWS ARE VERY DURABLE AND LAST FOR YEARS: Cushie pillows offers high quality pillowcases, preventing the covers to become weak over time like you might find with other pillowcases


  • 100% Cotton
  • Easy to care for 
  • Dimensions: 18-inch x 13-inch
  • Fits Cushie Pillows perfectly 
  • Offers sanitary benefits