Cushie Pillows 13.5" x 10" Microbead Rectangle Pillow - Black

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SOFT FLEXIBLE MICROBEAD PILLOW THAT WON’T LEAVE YOU (OR YOUR HEAD AND ARMS) FEELING UNSUPPORTED: Cushie microbead pillow is a squishy pillow that will have your head and arms thanking you; This comfortable microbead pillow is great for friends and family; It's small size makes this pillow convenient and versatile

GREAT THERAPY PILLOW PROVIDES SUPPORT FOR RECOVERY FROM SURGERY AND SUPPORT FOR HEALTH PROBLEMS: Cushie pillows provide neck, back, arm and neck support after surgery;  Grateful people who have neck issues, injured arms, or other chronic or acute injuries find that these pillows provide ideal “mold-able” support to reduce numbness, joint achiness and pressure point pressure; People have used these pillows to ease migraines and have even taken them to rehabilitation

PEOPLE AND PETS PREFER PREMIUM POLYSTYRENE PILLOWS:  Cushie pillows are great for sitting up in bed to read or propping up your book or tablet, placing behind your head watching TV, or putting between your knees while sleeping; Just can’t sleep without it; Even pets can be caught napping on them

DOUBLE SEAMED, WASHABLE, NYLON AND SPANDEX COVER FOR FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: Cushie pillows do not store moisture and so eliminate the risk of dust mites and bacteria; This squishy pillow remains cool through the night;  While the label recommends only wiping with a damp cloth and mild soap, the soft, durable, flexible bolster is machine washable separately; Put the pillow inside an enclosed pillowcase and wash on gentle cycle with cold water;  The rectangle pillow is best air dried

CUSHIE PILLOWS ARE VERY DURABLE AND LAST FOR YEARS: Cushie pillows high quality prevents deflation, getting stuck with tiny beads everywhere, and hardening over time like you might find with other microbead pillows