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Uses of Microbead Cushie Pillows


Microbead and poly-fill pillows are exquisitely comfortable. They conform to your shape precisely.  Microbead products are extremely flexible in their shape. They will flatten in a bag, backpack or suitcase to conform to the available space.  Carry your pillow in your bag and take it out once on board your airplane for a relaxing flight.  The same for your long car trip. Arrive feeling refreshed and rested - not recommended if you are driving!



One of the greatest benefits of microbead pillows is the fact that they possess hypoallergenic qualities. But believe it or not there are a lot more benefits to these pillows than what meets the eye. These pillows are also incredibly comfortable and provide individuals with great support when used.  Unlike traditional pillows, these microbead pillows do not absorb moisture or water. Since the pillows do not store any wet substances, you don't have to worry about dust mites and also avoid the possibility of having any bacteria develop pillow in your pillow.



A word of caution! Your pet may adopt your pillow!  We have had many customers report they had to place another order because their cats or dogs love them so much they reluctantly had to yield possession to their pets.  If you have a cat or dog that loves to lie in soft comfy places, you may consider ordering one for each pet, so that you will have yours!



Microbead pillows are fantastic. There’s no way to deny it. Try it once and you’ll be hooked.  The feel of the pillow is incredible, Once you pick it up you can't put this fun feeling, soft, stretchy very light pillow down. Take away to on vacation, or for car trips.  They are great gifts for family or friends. Another nice feature is the way the microbead pillows will flatten when they are packed in a suitcase, backpack or bag. These beads are tiny. Tiny beads are better than large beads in pillows, which means that microbead pillows are awesome.  Why Choose a Microbead Pillow?.  There are about a million reasons to choose a microbead pillow.  The cushy pillow fits your body perfectly. It molds to your body because the foam beads move and shift easily. Once you're settled, they stay in place until you move again. For those who are somewhat restless at night the cushy pillow is light weight and moves freely to switch sides without having to move what may seem to be an awkward, bulky, heavy pillow.