Cushie Pillows Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Removable Cover - Navy Blue

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  • A COMPLETE HIT WITH EVERYONE WHO USES THIS PILLOW: Everyone who uses this small Cushie Memory Foam Pillow uses it differently but they all love it; The perfect size for lumbar support in a chair; Neck support while watching TV; Between the knees for a side sleeper; Some even use it as a head pillow; Soft cover keeps even super “sensates” happy
  • MEMORY FOAM CUSHIE PILLOW PROVIDES THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT: Cushie’s Memory Foam Pillow offers a perfect balance between comfort and support; Comfortable and cushy without collapsing; Neither too large or too small for versatile uses including travel; Pressure point relief, Back and Neck support when sitting in a desk chair, airplane or car ride; Works as an everything rest
  • ERGONOMIC ROUND NECK SHAPE: The round neck shape allows this Cushie Memory Foam Pillow to be used for Neck support during traveling in car or plane; Neck support during massage; Lumbar support; Knee support 
  • DOUBLE SEAMED, WASHABLE, NYLON AND SPANDEX COVER FOR FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: Lack of fibers means Cushie pillows inhibit the growth of mold dust mites and bacteria; This squishy pillow remains cool through the night;  The soft, durable, cover is machine washable; The memory foam pillow can be washed by completely submerging the pillow in lukewarm water with a very gentle detergent and gently squeezing the solution through the foam; Rinse until the water runs clean; Gently squeeze to remove the water; Do not wring; NEVER place a foam pillow in the washer;  Allow pillow to air dry
  • CUSHIE PILLOWS ARE VERY DURABLE AND LAST FOR YEARS: Cushie pillows high quality memory foam to give the perfect balance of support and comfort; It is lightweight, easily portable and the removable cover is designed with a zipper making it easy to remove and put back on after washing